Massage Treatments



A combination of the best massage/ stretching techniques out of

the Eastern/ Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.

  • Sports therapy/ taping/ injury treatments

  • Deep-Tissue (Swedish Massage)

  • Acupressure Tuina

  • Thai “Lazy Yoga “

  • Balinese Ayurvedic (essential Oils)Massage

  • Cellulite treatments/ Cupping

  • Bowel stimulation/ improvement

& De-Stress Qi and Release Therapy

A great way to get rid of stress built up in the deeper muscles and tissues what mostly find itself around your weakest body parts.

After an injury or after a long period of stress, toxins built around damage tissue,

whats stops the natural flow of Qi and blood…..also known as the bloodcirculation.




Strong manipulation in combination with the use of the acupressure points, breathing stretching techniques and massage.

The tissue releases the build up toxins, the deeper muscles will relax and

new Qi and blood can freely make its way to the “damage” tissue.

It gives you a great warming and relaxing sensation afterwards…..

its stops you from getting injured, releases the tissue around trapped nerves and stimulates the bloodcirculation

and treats other body aches like migraine…headaches, back pain, sciatica…



Relaxing & Re-energize and strong Manipulations

Using the nerve system and the meridians as a guide “line” through the body.

The meridians, acupressure points and lymph nodes to get rid of blockages and stimulate the blood circulation.

Deep-tissue and pressure techniques to de-blockage and de-stress the muscles and tissues.

Strong and firm pressure in combination with stretching to release and to stimulate the natural circulation of Qi and blood.

Re-structure and De-detox tissues to get your body back in balance!


“Lazy Thai Yoga”

 A great way to stretch all those muscles in your body you never get the chance to stretch….without doing anything….as we do it for you!

Stretching keeps your muscles long and lean, long and lean muscles have a good Qi and blood flow.

Keeping your muscles lean and flexible, stops you from having bad circulation

muscle spasms, cramps and injuries and say goodbye to all those bad toxins!

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