Chi-Detox Diet

Our food and Diet will follow the principles out of the Traditional Chinese Medicine…

Chinerchi Detox Diet



Principles of Healthy Foods
1. Healthy foods must match the human body’s natural states.
2. Healthy foods must match the human body’s natural PH level.
3. Healthy way of eating must follow the body’s natural cycle.
4. Healthy foods must supply energy to human bodies, not decline the energy of human body.

Healthy food must match the body structure.

High- Water- Content Food

We live on a planet where 71 percent of the surface is water. The other 29 percent is land. Everything is a microcosm of a macrocosm. In traditional Chinese philosophy, humans are part of the universe. Humans and the universe are one.

A human body is made up of roughly 63 percent water, 22 percent protein, 13 percent fat and 2 percent minerals and vitamins.

Every single molecule is energized by the healthy functioning of our metabolism. The active metabolism is supported from the food people eat and the water they drink. Eating right food means the food must contain right proportions of water. Without this rule,  humans cannot achieve the highest potential for health, vitality and freedom from disease.

If the planet earth is 70 percent water, and depends upon that amount of water for its survival; the human body is 63 percent of water to maintain the body in its best condition; then we must consume diet of at least 63 – 70 percent water to match the body structure.

In general, we are eating two groups of food:

Water-based food and concentrated food

The water-based food is fruit and vegetables.

The concentrated food is bread, grains, meats, dairy products, legumes, and so on.

The ideal healthy diet must eat 70 percent water-based food such as fruits and vegetables and 30 percent concentrated food such as bread, grains and all heavy protein food.
Most people have misunderstood that there is not enough nutritional value in fruits and vegetables. The truth is that all nutritional requirements for the human body can be found in fruits and vegetables, such as all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, and fatty acids. Also, the nutrition carried in fruit and vegetables will be easier absorbed in intestines. That is a natural way for the human body, and much better than taking any supplements.

High-water-content food can help cleanse the human body. This kind of food is easy to digest and pass out, during the process; it can help to maintain the function of metabolism. Concentrated food is hard to digest and pass out and can clog the metabolism. The undigested food can become toxic and deteriorate the human health.

Most food we eat in today’s age is of clogging nature. Our food clog our bodies; because we’re clogged, we start feel bad. At the same time, we still eat the food that is clogging up our system. We unconsciously abuse our own bodies. We must work with our own bodies, not against them. One way to achieve that is to cleanse them, not to clog them. Eating 70 percent water-contented food is an answer.

Healthy foods must match the human body’s natural PH level

The body functions at its best when the pH of its internal biochemical environment, measured as a whole, is equal to 7.39, meaning slightly alkaline. The normal range of this optimum pH is very small, from a slightly more acidic reading of 7.36 to a more alkaline reading of 7.42. A reading of anything higher or lower than these figures indicated acidosis (from 7.36 to 7) or alkalosis (7.42 to 7.8). If these limits are exceeded, the body can no longer function, and death results.

PH scale 20070409.JPG

The zone of optimal health extends only from pH 7.36 to pH 7.42; illness will accompany any incidence of acidosis or alkalosis. Of these two, acidosis is by far the most common – more than half the population suffers from this condition.

Fatal alkalosis 20070409.JPG

The great alkaline reserve is the body’s bank account. The body can call upon it anytime to release alkaline elements for the neutralization of acid.

When there is overindulgence in acid-forming foods (especially fried processed foods) the body sickens. In its marvelous wisdom, the body will make every possible effort to rebalance this transgression by expelling as quickly as possible, all the acid-forming residues. But when this alkaline reserve is depleted, death follows.

To replenish and sustain your alkaline reserves, follow the Rule of 80/20 — which means to eat 80% of your foods from the alkaline-forming list and 20% from the acid-forming list. 80_20_food_chart.JPG
Healthy way of eating must follow the body’s natural cycle

The body natural cycles has discovered by Swedish scientist Are Waerland and American psychologist Gay Gaer-Luce. In their studies of the circadian rhythms, information from these sources is the basis for our suggestion that the human’s ability to deal with food relies on the effective functioning of three regular daily cycles.

Cycle 1 – Elimination (4 am – noon): of body wastes and food debris. Digestion of conventional food takes more energy than any other body process. It is beneficial for fruit or fruit juice to be the only foods consumed during the elimination cycle. This will help decrease your toxic load and reduce unwanted pounds in your body. Having only fruit and fruit juice exclusively before noon is the single most important facet of this system.

Cycle 2 – Appropriation (noon – 8 pm): eating and digestion.
After twelve o’clock we enter the daily eating period. If you are hungry, this is the time to eat, remember that digestion takes more energy than anything else you do. You want to eat a meal that will not deplete your energy supply – even thought it will demand some digestive energy.

Cycle 3 – Assimilation (8 pm – 4 am): absorption and use. It is time to give your body a chance to extract, absorb, and utilize the nutrients in that food. No absorption can take place until the food has entered the intestines. A properly combined meal will be out of the stomach in approximately three hours and ready to be absorbed and assimilated. An important combined meal can remain in the stomach anywhere from eight to twelve hours or longer. Eat early enough so that food has left your stomach before you retire. A full night’s rest will permit your body to complete the assimilation cycle before it again enters the elimination phase around 4am.

Detox Diet > chinerchi eating programme

chinerchi eating programme

Eating programme principle

When you start to read this insightful info you are in the self healing journey. Chiinerchi therapy looks all your health issues from the level of the dynamic functions of your 5 vital organs: heart, stomach, liver, lungs, and kidneys. Regardless what health condition you are right now, you always can benefit for more energy and also you can be never too late for receiving healing.
Your attitude and your life style all take part of your health conditions. You are in charge to make choice to have a quality of life in every moment of your living.
Your body is a garden; your digestive system is mother earth energy for all your inner organs. In ancient Chinese medicine the digest energy is a Fundamental energy for your entire health. A famous saying: the stomach energy existence, the man can be alive, the stomach energy gone; the man’s life will end.
Your stomach energy is precious for your health, to keep your stomach healthy; you need to treat it gently.
1.Eat only until you are 70% full.
2.Eat  and drink warm food and liquid – nothing straight from the fridge.
3.No coffee, no alcohol, no dairy food. No spice food, no fried food.
4. Eat less fat and sugar. Have a small evening meal.
5. No protein at evening meal. No protein food with starch food.
6. when you are constipation don’t eat meat. When your bowel lose don’t eat salads

Chinerchi Eating plan:
Raw Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice, 2 Glasses Daily,
each glass juice containing 1 Quarter Green Vege.,  3 Quarter Fruit



C: Carbohydrate
Grains, Cereals, Breads, Pasta, Potatoes, Yams, Taro, Parsnip, Corn and      Pumpkin
P: Protein
Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Eggs, Dairy Foods, Seeds and Nuts
V: Vegetables
Protein and Starch mixed food
Beans, Nuts


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